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String theory is considered  the most promising candidate for a TOE. With a fairy-tale number of dimensions and no cause for the oscillations of the strings, that model has however been due for a major update for quite a long time. Such an update is available within the framework of the Dynamic Present.

The cause and mechanism of the oscillations in the Dynamic Present is also responsible for the natural three dimensional version of the somewhat different Dynamic Present version of "strings".

Posted July 22nd 2015.
The Dynamic Present operates in three dimensions in a fabric of the cosmos having properties that allow for almost unlimited stress/strain.
The mathematical need in string theory, to grant one dimension for each degree of freedom, may instead be met by actual overtones to the original background oscillations.
The task of working out just how that might work would, I imagine, need a broadminded string specialist who might understand that the oscillations of the strings would have to be explained and that the explanation provided by the Dynamic Present points toward a three dimensional cosmos where the oscillating entities are three dimensional versions of longitudinal sound-waves rather then one dimensional strings.
Because the rest is mainly mathematics and so out of reach for me, this string essay is very short for which I now need to apologize.
Not understanding the mathematics involved I have tried to use my imagination instead and my picture of the overtone oscillations goes like this: I figure that an oscillation at twice the rate of the background oscillations would actually have the same "shroud" of background oscillations surrounding it as an oscillation at four times that rate. This is because the background oscillations is the norm and the different overtone oscillations all look the same against that oscillating background.

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