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Hidden aspects of space.

What I am trying to explain on this site is how an inferred property of elasticity of the actual fabric of our universe made the fabric respond to the Big Bang event by entering into a state of pulsating oscillations and how these oscillations may be the ultimate cause of the dynamics of space.

Posted October & November 2014.

Richard Feynman is famously known to have said: "I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics." At that time he was certainly right, but if he'd had a chance with his mathematical and inquisitive mind, to explore the ideas I am presenting here, he would probably have agreed that this is no longer so. Since he is not around anymore, other inquisitive minds are welcome to try and investigate the idea. The mathematical side of the matter will need professional attention.

Quantum mechanics actually deals with the consequences of an unsuspectingly well hidden aspect of our universe. One that left tracks behind which prompted Erwin Schrödinger to formulate his wave mechanics. This is that the fabric of the universe is elastic in the same manner as an elastic solid. As a result of the Big Bang incident the fabric began oscillating and the way it oscillates is the hidden property which by providing the dynamic and the metric necessary converted the fabric of our universe into becoming the space we now can move around in.

I found out about this when I was trying to work out what the universe would be like if the flow of time was discontinuous. Amazingly, as I came to understand the dynamics involved I realized that it would not be any different from what we are used to.
There is nothing very difficult about exploring the insights I am presenting but it may require some imagination. When you have had a chance to digest it all I think you might agree that most of these ideas are rather self-evident once explained.

Let's start by exploring the origin of our universal scale and measuring system. The very fact that we can measure distances at all is a mystery not generally appreciated but which actually was solved when Max Planck discovered the quantum of action. I suspect nobody had even realized it was a problem, so why bring it up now? Because the solution also applies to many of the other problems and mysteries in our universe!

The solution of course, is that our universe is oscillating, because that allows the dynamics necessary for measures to be made and, indeed, for making motion possible at all. So, what does Max Plank's quantum of action have to do with this solution? It proves that motion is a discontinuous phenomenon! The question then is why did our universe start oscillating? In my view it was because of the Big Bang!
We do not know exactly what happened, we also do not know why it did happen. If however, the fabric of the universe is elastic, this Big Bang may have instigated the oscillations. There is no telling what general types of oscillations this may have resulted in. That would have been a consequence of the event itself, depending on how it came about and progressed. Certain aspects of the space we live in does however indicate that "our corner" of the universe oscillates in a pulsating manner. Most of these aspects refer to motion.

Our ability to obtain a measurement in any direction rely on the minute motion of the fabric of the universe as it oscillates. When these oscillations have the form of radially expanding and contracting pulses the oscillating fabric becomes the space we are used to, a place where fermions and bosons can move about. Hah! You might want to say... -If there actually were any oscillations like those you are describing it would have left tracks which we would have noticed! Sure! You are quite right! We have noticed, but so far no one else seem to have made the connection, so the information on this site appear to be first to point out that the entire quantum mystery is due to that type of oscillations in the fabric of the universe -and also present some speculations about how it actually might work. I refrain from saying "the fabric of space" because according to my view "space" only comes into existence when the fabric of the universe is oscillating.

So what decides the fundamental scale in our universe? The size -or amplitude of the oscillations! To see how, imagine the volume of the oscillating elastic fabric of the universe in its most compact configuration, then deduct this volume from the one arrived at after the oscillation is allowed to proceed to the other extreme. You will then have a difference in size but unfortunately, still no scale whereby you can calculate the actual difference. Quite frustrating, but some pondering make you see that by dividing the difference in volumes with the compact volume you can split, or spread the difference over the smallest parts of this compact volume, so that when you allow the compact volume to expand at each smallest part by this amount of "extra" volume you will arrive at the largest extreme. This "extra" volume is what decide the fundamental scale, and it is that scale we use when taking measures oscillation by oscillation along a distance. Each oscillation moving the meter stick a part of the way, as limited by the size of the "extra" volume.

A bit more pondering and you realize that this "extra" volume does not have any definite size since we do not know the amplitude of the oscillations. This is a bit unfortunate because it is the radius of the "extra", fundamental volume that decide the limits of motion during the course of each oscillation. We do however have a prospect figure for the length of this radius.
Planck Length (1.616199*10¯³⁵m) seem to be made to order for this purpose, but there is a catch...the Planck Length figure is actually a relative measure with respect to the radius or amplitude of the oscillations because it is defined using entities that also are relative to the very same radius.
As a consequence the Planck Length measure will always remain the same regardless of the amplitude of the oscillations. Any difference in that amplitude will instead show up relative to our measure of the size of the universe itself so that a large amplitude will give us a picture of a small universe and a small amplitude will give the impression of a large universe in the view of the inhabitants.
That is what we see today...a small universe growing large because the amplitude of the very violent and large oscillations just after the Big Bang is settling. The very fast initial damping (actually providing a mimic of inflation) just after the Big Bang as well as the accelerating pace of expansion today (read: the oscillation amplitude decreasing at increasingly faster pace) being due to the stiffness of the elastic fabric of the universe which make each succeeding oscillation smaller by a factor that grows as the energy driving the oscillations dissipates.

That the speed of expansion of our universe is increasing was shocking news not so long ago. So far no explanation seem to be at hand within the physics of the present paradigm. Recognizing the existence of a fabric of the universe would be a good start for a new paradigm which might get us a bit further by way of including the 72% of dark energy presently missing as well as by explaining the equality between mass and energy, e=mc², where the physical interpretation of c² is difficult to visualize in the standard model but not in a space energized by the oscillating, live fabric of universe I am describing on these pages...

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