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The Quantum Realm.

Oscillations, the simple cause of quantum effects.

Posted 31/12 2016.
That understanding time would lead to so many other insights is a good indication that the ideas presented on this site about the cause of time are mainly correct, first because the insights are pretty obvious once the simple dynamics of the Dynamic Present is understood, and secondly because they all fit together. This one is about the origin of quantum mechanical effects.
Our universe is actually just a very large oscillator where energy delivered by the Big Bang event is transformed back and forth between kinetic and potential energy.
The same process is simultaneously driving vibrations located at various spots in the oscillating fabric by resonance, keeping them going indefinitely, or at least for as long as the fabric of our universe keeps oscillating.
These local vibrations may be transverse (bosons) or longitudinal (fermions), but the interesting thing about them with respect to quantum mechanics is that they are all sitting in a very shaky environment which they are also driven by through resonance if the property of spin* may be a witness. These oscillations of the fabric of the Dynamic Present universe cause the difficulties defined by the uncertainty principle as well as all other quantum effects. They enable the transmission of transverse oscillations so that photons can spread light. They are also host of the longitudinally oscillating spheres of the fermions.

* please use Zoom Search Engine for an explanation.

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