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The Arrow of Time and other mysteries...

Why the arrow of Time points from the past to the future is a mystery that disturb the peace of mind of all scientists trying to understand Time. So also the cause of the low entropy at the beginning. However, the Dynamic Present can deliver a natural and simple explanation on both accounts.

Posted February 2014.

Explaining why time seem to flow from the past to the future and why the physical laws, in spite of their symmetric and reversible character, still prefer to unfold in the same direction is a big problem for the physicists trying to understand time.
However, the Dynamic Present can offer a simple and quite natural explanation for this behavior:

As I have explained elsewhere, "Time" only exists in our mind. It is just the way our brain interpret the never ending stream of dynamic alterations to the continuously re-arranging "now" of the Dynamic Present.
It would not be very controversial to suggest that our mind get a sense of direction due to this, but it does not explain why the laws of physics would insist on joining the same flow. That has a different explanation which also will help us understand why entropy manifest itself the way it does.

For a glimpse of this mechanism we need to go back to the Big Bang event.
Whatever it was that made the Big Bang come about, the immediate result was that the fabric of the universe began to oscillate in a pulsating mode. These pulses take place in the form of rapid volume alterations about a mean volume. Our "now", the present moment, is one full cycle of oscillation about this mean volume. The next "now" is the next full cycle of oscillation and so on.
The amplitude of these oscillations would have been large just after the Big Bang but then have begun to settle. As they settle, their amplitude goes down, which show up as an expansion of our universe because the amplitude of the oscillations is also the standard meter unit in this our frame of reference.

When the Big Bang event took place it served to "reset" any previous oscillations that may have existed in the fabric of the universe. This "reset" is what brings about the initial, low entropy. As our standard meter then begin to shrink when the amplitude of the oscillations drop, its smaller size will enable entropy to find more space where to do its thing.
However, this still does not explain why the laws of physics have decided to unfold in the same direction.

The symmetric and reversible character of the physical laws is due to the likewise symmetric character of the oscillations, and the reason those laws unfold in the direction of the flow is because the oscillations are pulsating volume vise.
They do that because during each oscillation they alter in volume between large and small size as a result of the elastic stress induced by the Big Bang into the fabric of space.
An object will then have more space where to move about during the half-cycle going from small volume to large volume then it would during the other half of the oscillation when less space is available.
It is therefore easier for entropy to rise during the half cycle when the volume is going from small to large, thus introducing an "arrow of time" which is actually just pointing in the direction of least resistance.

Explaining where Time's Arrow and the low entropy came from is one thing the Dynamic Present can help scientists with, another is to provide quantum field theory with a natural time/space lattice for the lattice gauge theories in order to one day, perhaps, arrive at a "unified" quantum field theory that would not need to be re-normalized and would be valid for all particles and forces of the standard model.
Since I know nothing of the mathematics involved, pursuing this idea must be left to the experts.

Finally, in order to be considered scientific a new theory or hypothesis must make predictions that can be falsified. It should also offer some progress regarding the understanding of the processes on hand.
I suggest the Dynamic Present meet these criteria.
Not only does it explain the chain of relations between most of the remaining mysteries of our universe, including the cause of quantum physics, without having to resort to any "explanations" of the type Jim Baggott refers to as "Fairytale Physics" in his book "Farewell to Reality".
It also actually makes at least one prediction that could (in principle) be falsified:

According to the mechanics of the Dynamic Present, gravitation will be zero at larger distances from the gravitating body in question where the stretch in the surrounding fabric of space, which is due to the body's resonance with the universal Big Bang oscillations, is less then one Planck length.
That is... less then 16.162^10-36m....

I rest my case for now but will happily respond to eventual comments and questions.

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