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Explaining Time - Links

Links.. This link-page is an updated version of the original one from February 12th 2012 on my original tiddlywiki site.

January 2017
Added links to download e-book versions in Epub and Mobibook format and to a zipped standalone copy of the site....However, without the T.O.E....

30 July 2015
A few days ago I stumbled onto a site I had missed until then: Exactly What Is Time?
This is one of the many sites of Lawrence "Luke" Mastin. It is a place where you will find a lot of information and links to help you come to terms with the "many different facets that comprise this most enigmatic of subjects" as Luke puts it on the homepage.
I do recommend a visit to his other sites as well.
Try for a start...

1 January 2014

It seems I am not alone realizing that the present moment is exactly such as our intuition tells us: Universe wide and simultaneous. Apart from my own layman speculations on the subject other, more professional essays are now appearing.

Today I came across one essay written by mr Benjamin Nasmith from Moose Jaw, SK, Canada, titled "Classical Electrodynamics and Absolute Simultaneity". In this essay Benjamin Nasmith shows that Absolute Simultaneity is quite possible also with regard to the mathematics involved.

I don't think mr Nasmith's imagination was inspired by this site. I do however sincerely hope that my speculations about the ultimate origin and possible mechanism of electrodynamics and simultaneity will inspire a curious visitor with the right mathematical ability to actually explore the possibilities implied.

27 December 2013

A few days ago I found a website that contain all information and examples you might need to boost your imagination with regard to longitudinal (sound) waves and to transverse (light) waves. The Acoustics and Vibration Animations site is the brainchild of Dr. Daniel A. Russell of Penn State, and the site is dedicated to teach and visualize certain important aspects of the mechanics of elasticity.

15 October 2013

This link will take you to the wiki about time. And this to the wiki about elasticity.
The Big Bang, which gave birth to the quantum properties of my aether model as well as to the properties of the standard model has its own wiki. So also String theory which desperately need a touch of common sense!
A link to the Hyper Physics pages at Georgia State University might come in handy....
ECT is short for Elastic Continuum Theory. The ECT link will bring you to the site of Mr G S Sandhu who will point out the significance of the permittivity and permeability of the vacuum.
Blaze Labs. Found this site when I was trying to point you to some information about sonoluminescence.
Another support for your imagination is to be found somewhere on this Google search page for sound oscillations of the sun.
Finally, this link will bring you to Australia and the F.A.Q about aether at Mountain Man Dot Com.

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