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Post Helsinki reflections...

After the first day of the conference about "Scientific Models and a Comprehensive Picture of Reality", may 20th 2016 at The House of Science and Letters in Helsinki it dawned on me that I am in fact a rather lousy writer. The aim of anyone writing about new scientific ideas, especially if they are his own, is to explain those ideas to the reader which, as I found out that evening from a Helsinki host philosopher visiting this site, is where I have failed. I explained those ideas to him on the spot with success I believe, but I am afraid he did not get the message by just reading the essays on my site.

However, here follows a condensed account of the alleged virtues of the "Dynamic Present" and about the ideas that brought it about. 

The lecture on period doubling delivered by professor Ari Lehto on Saturday, may 21st suggest to me that the oscillations of the Dynamic Present would provide a natural environment for structure creating by period doubling as well as for the birth of time and simultaneity.

Posted 27/5 2016
The Dynamic Present came about in order to account for the probable origin and progress of time. Because the mechanics of discontinuous time, once properly understood, also has bearing on the phenomenon of space and of motion, the scope of insights quickly grew past the initial phenomenon so that it now also cover the cause of gravitation, mass and inertia. The actual mechanism at work during acceleration and during non accelerated motion is covered and the emerging picture also explains the cause and origin of the quantum realm.
The mechanism and nature of time is unexplained in the Standard Model and as far as I know also in every other model of the universe save for this one.

In the Dynamic Present "time" is a discontinuous phenomenon consisting of a rapid succession of simultaneous volumetric pulses of the bulk fabric of our entire universe. Probably a remnant of the rather violent oscillations of the fabric of space supposedly induced by the "Big Bang" incident.
Given the scope of plausible insights, this proposed model seem rather close to the truth. However, since the whole idea of a "Dynamic Present" comes from a layman's interpretation of the available information, I would welcome a deep analysis by the physicists and philosophers who organized the Helsinki conference.

The composition and properties of an eventual fabric of our universe is unknown, but would to some extent be possible to infer by the behavior of certain observables. The speed of light is one of these. The expansion of the universe is another as well as the increasing rate of expansion. The available clues are abundant. The trick is to understand how they relate to one another which is what the Dynamic Present was invented to show.

According to the Dynamic Present, the fabric of our universe seem to have characteristics similar to those of a perfect crystal. One that is millions of times more elastic then a diamond. "Space" is the state of this crystal after it has experienced the Big Bang incident. It oscillates, and when the crystal-like fabric enters into volume-vise oscillations after the Big Bang, secondary oscillations that are able to move in any direction also appear, presumably due to an excess of energy injected by the Big Bang. Some of these we know to be transverse. Those are the Bosons. In the "wild" they zip about with the speed of light and never stops.
Other secondary oscillations which we don't know for certain to actually be oscillations, are the Fermions. That is.. we think they have a "dual" identity in the sense that they sometimes show their "wavy" character and sometimes their "particle" character. However, the Dynamic Present insist that Fermions also are waves. To be sure, particles do not exist at all in the Dynamic Present Universe since they would not be able to move about. Therefore everything oscillates, and in the case of the fermions, the oscillations are longitudinal instead of transverse. This allows the pulse of the fermions to resonate with the oscillations of the "background" crystal while staying at the same spot. The energy in these pulses then move between the center of each longitudinal pulse and the total volume of the universe, bouncing at the center of each longitudinal fermion in a way rather similar to how the phenomenon of sonoluminescence behave, and then "bounce" again when the energy has stretched the oscillating crystal to the extreme. The pulse of energy then heads back towards a new bounce at the center of each fermion.

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