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Some information about me and about what you will find on my site. I believe I have actually figured out how time works. The reason I think so is because all other physical phenomena also become understandable if my idea about the origin of time is correct.


Bo Nyberg, 22 October 2013.

What is time? How does time work? Why does time slow down in a gravitation field or when you move really fast?... Why do we age when elementary particles do not? Sooner or later all of us contemplate questions about our universe. Some of the questions already have an answer, but the true nature of time is still a mystery today, a hundred years after Einstein presented the theories of relativity.

Speaking of Einstein, another question is what the cause of gravitation may be. How come the prescence of matter like a planet will "bend" space so that objects passing by are deflected from their path and directed towards the planet? What is space? If it can "bend" then surely there must be something else around then just empty vacuum.

If you arrived here looking for information about time and space you have come to the right place. Suggesting a possible mechanism by wich time may "tick" is what this site is all about. The theories of relativity do little to explain what is going on behind the curtains. In some sense they actually are the curtains. Not because they are wrong, but because they are right.

The aim of the ideas here presented is to lift the curtains a little to let you have a peek at what might be hidden behind. Don't worry about the lack of mathematical formalism. It is not needed at this stage and when that day arrives I am sure proper scientists will take care of that.
I am no scientist. Just an old sailor who by navigating the idea of discontinuous time found some unexpected answers witch I hereby will do my best to present and explain.

That an increase of speed slows down time was Einsteins news a little over one hundred years ago. The mechanism involved that cause this effect is my news today and the subject of this site.
"The Dynamic Present" is written for this homepage while "Tid och Eter" is from 1998 (In Swedish), "Quantum Aether" from 2000 and "Discontinuous Time from 2006. Between them they should hopefully cover most of what I've found out about time and space. 

Just let common sense and imagination be the judge when you evaluate what you are about to learn, and please realize that without the mathematical dress, these ideas are just....ideas...

I hope you still will find that your visit here is worthwhile.

Should it so happen that you are able to verify any of the mathematics hiding behind the ideas presented or want to criticize them you are welcome to post a comment.

This site has now been up and running for a year and a half without attracting much attention. It is the try of a layman with an idea about the elusive cause of time to present a more or less complete account of how our universe works. Not only time, but the rest as well, actually showing how gravitation, inertia, the quantum of action - in short - the lot - may originate from proposed elastic properties of the fabric of our universe.
These speculations are presented without any mathematical evidence because the emerging picture is simple enough to visualize and evaluate in order to allow for that.
Since my idea does not rest on mathematical ground so far, this is an open issue for anyone to investgate.

Any thesis claiming new insights need to confirm to- and explain the present beliefs from a new and more useful angle or else replace them with explanations that can be tested, but how do you test time? Similar to the case of the Higgs field you would need to get a sample to analyze. Because you cannot see the sample itself you have to analyze the composition of decayproducts instead.
The sample in the case of time would be the shortest moment imaginable. Planck Time. At the order of 10ˉ⁴⁴s this is such a short duration that it would qualify for the analyzis, but now, since you don't have any decays to look for, you need to find other clues.
In my mind those are the quantum of action and all the rest of quantum physics, the energy of the vacuum etc..., in fact, the mechanics of our whole universe allows itself to be traced back to causes originating from our sample.

Now, I know the crackpot-index increases with the scope of explanations claimed and the lack of any mathematical evidence presented. Even so, since the origin and properties of time present a problem that still goes unexplained at the root by the experts I cannot see what harm it would do to suggest a different angle of attack to the experts.

In april 2013 I stumbled over a site, thisistime, where the owner, Simon Morley, express views about time that coincides with mine. Amongst other ideas he also suggest that time may not exist at all. His arguments are different from mine and tackles the problem of time from a viewing angle that might present a better start-point for the explanations that so far does not seem to catch on with my visitors. Perhaps a new essay from that angle will do the trick.

I suggest however that you first head over to thisistime to see what Simon Morley has to say. After digesting that, try The Change Stream where I seek to show how Simon's ideas of change may fit into the picture.

Migrating the old site from TiddlerWiki format to this more regular appearance I have also edited the original essays somewhat. The TiddlerWiki is still accessible on the site.

Originally commenting was possible at but noone seemed to be interested in that. You may now comment and ask questions via the Facebook interface at the "Links and Comments" - page.

You are also welcome to drop a line to

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your stay and welcome back!
Bo Nyberg